Saturday, May 31, 2008

Unsung Queen

Several unsung queens were lost in the melodious tides of P.Susheela and S.Janaki. One such unsung queen was one of my favorite singer Vani Jayaram. If you were to call P.Susheela's voice as honey, I would be at loss of words to qualify Vani Jayaram's voice. Extremely sweet voice and a very talented singer. Perhaps, destiny determines your destiny.

Having sung some major hit numbers under the belt of KV Mahadevan and MS Viswanathan, she was already a talent to reckon with. One of the evergreen melody was under the music direction of Shankar Ganesh, "Meghame Meghame". All the credit to Vani Jayaram to have given such a wonderful number. And thanks to Shankar Ganesh for bringing a wonderful Ghazal to south.

See below the original ghazal:

Unfortunately, she could sing only a very few numbers under Raaja's baton. Have you ever gone in one of those roller coasters that has all the sharp bends, twists but lands very safely. Yes, that's the analogy I would want to give to the song "Kavithai Kelungal" from Punnagai Mannan. For a long time, I never had a liking to the song mainly due to the shruti changes. Coming to think of it now, what an amazing composition! The Shruti Bedham in the midst of the song reflecting the emotions of the Revathi and a true roller coaster ride experience with Vani Jayaram's voice is a treat to any music lover.

Enjoy the musical treat:

For most of the music lovers, Vani Jayaram will live close to our heart.


Kavi said...

Though the number of songs she sang is definitely less, she truly left a mark for herself. We still remember her melodies and her sweet voice, that by itself is an achievement.

Kavithai kelungal is one of my favs too. Its like an emotional roller coaster ride and Raaja has nailed it.

Emjay said...

Well said.

Jency is one such singer that I intend to write.

Naani said...

have u listened to "minneti sureedu" from Seeta koka chiluka and "andela ravamidi" from Sawrna kamalam both by Raaja. They r really good.