Friday, May 9, 2008

Thanks Vairamuthu !!

The thought of blogging about music and lyrics rushed into my mind after I heard a song today, from a Tamil movie “Rakshagan”.

Before I head on, let me confess that I am an ardent die-hard fan of Maestro Illayaraja and his genre of music. Isn’t His music a genre by itself? It will not be unfair to say that I am obsessed and the music in my veins is his. I will reserve lots and lots of the coming blogs for my IR (as I call Illayaraja).

But, this blog is all about the song – “Kanava Illai Kaatra” that features in the Tamil movie – “Rakshagan” composed by A.R.Rahman. The song starts with a very mild prelude and the rhythm is maintained throughout the song, superbly sung by Srinivas.

I haven’t watched this movie/song, however, I was told by my wife that apparently the song situation is like this: Nagarjun carries the heroine (Sushmita?) and climbs the stairs. The lyrics in the song really amaze me. The song goes like this:

Kanava illai Kaatra

Kaiyil Midhakkum Kaanava nee
Kai Kaal Mulaitha Kaatra nee
Kaiyil Yaendhiyum Ganakka villai Ye

(Are you) Dream or Air
(Are you) Dream floating in my hand
(Are you) Air with hands/legs
How the heck you are damn light-weighted??

What an imagination by our man, Vairamuthu. Further he goes:

Nurai aal Seidha Silayaaa Nee
Kaiyil Midhakkum Kaanava nee

(Are you) a statue made of bubbles?
(Are you) Dream floating in my hand

Wow!! Our man is known for blending violence in romance in his pen. Can he think so mild and light? Hmm… Watch out for my coming blogs where I want to throw some light about how he brings violence into his lyrics in a romantic situation.

ARR has clearly given enough room for lyrics by playing down in background score. No interludes. He has just maintained the tempo of the song with simple strokes – Guitar?

Eppadi Unnai Yendhi Konde
Indira Logam Poi Vidava
Idaiyil Konjam Vali Eduthaalum

Chandhira Tharayil Paai Idava

Shall I carry you like this
Till we reach ‘Indira’s World’
Even if it pains slightly
And we will land in Moon and have fun ;)

I know. His imagination is beyond the heights. But, this is the same man who talked about "Indira Thottathu Mundhiri". Where the heck he got that from? Now, our man goes science! Yes, he talks about gravity.

Nilavil Porulgal Idai Ezhakkum
Neerilum Porul Idai Ezhakkum
Kaadhalil kooda Idai Ezhakkum
Indru Kandaenadi, Adhai Kandu Kondaenadi

Objects lose weight in moon (0 gravity)?
Objects lose weight in water (buoyancy)?
I feel the same here
You have lost weight in our love.

I agree, beauty of the poem lies in lies. He proves it here. And, these are Vairamuthu’s Vaira (diamond) Varigal (lines).

Kaadhal Thaimai Irandu Mattum
Baaram Enbadhai Ariyaadhu
Un Palingu Mugathai Paarthu Kondal
Pasiyo Valiyo Theriyaadhu

Both love and motherhood
Never feel the pain of heaviness
I can survive without food and pain
If I see your beautiful face forever

Let me admit here. I am not a great fan of Vairamuthu. But, his lines are extremely touching and very powerful here.

Thanks to Vairamuthu and ARR for bringing up such a wonderful song that made me to start my first blog!

Stay tuned more to follow.

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Emjay said...

hi mohan this is great i like the whole artical very insightful about viramuthu. get going