Friday, May 23, 2008


Neyveli Santhanagopalan - What a genius must he be!
Let me confess. I have not watched too many concerts/programmes of this genius. However, this "Kazhudhai" could also smell some camphor!

Here is the Kaa va va Kandha va va va.... sung by Neyveli Santhanagoplan

Any paamaran can be melted with his rendering.

Let me come to the point. This song was given as the base to Raaja by Kamal for the film Guna. The song was already dealt earlier in this blog - "Paartha Vizhi Paartha Padi". Raaja got his inspiration from this song and look at what we got in Paartha Vizhi Paartha Padi.

This is called Inspiration.


kumar.s.r said...

Wow! What a divine timbre this genius has . An apt example for Inspiration. Nice work emjay!

Emjay said...

Thanks Kumar. I appreciate your comments.