Thursday, May 15, 2008


Year 1991 was filled with great hits of Raaja like ‘Dhalapathi’, ‘Chinna Koundar’, ‘Captain Prabhakaran’, ‘Chinna Koundar’, ‘Eeramaana Rojave’ etc. All the more, year 1991 and 1992 had more than 45 movies scored by Illayaraja. Who in the earth would have imagined, a 26 year old chap would make millions of people turn towards him with a single score?

A digression: Most of my favorites of Raaja’s songs are from 1990-94, though most of Raaja’s fans list his 80s. How can one forget his songs for Yejaman, Chinna Koundar that just brought out the ‘Mannin Vaasanai’. He is such an expert in bringing the nativity out with an ease. Undoubtedly, he is a genius when it comes to touching the soul and invoking your feelings.

Alright, I wanted to talk something else here, but it is very difficult for me to talk about music without talking about Raaja.

‘Chinna Chinna Aasai’ rocked the whole of Tamil Nadu and I remember very well Ceylon Radio channel used to play this song several times a day. Fresh sounds, new patterns and everything was so fresh and refreshing to our ears. Minmini became a star overnight. She was introduced in Tamil by Raaja and had sung in ‘Devar Magan’, ‘Meera’, ‘Aranmanai Kili’ etc.

I always wondered what happened to that sweet voice after Roja? Her voice was so refreshing and had a feel of innocence. Recently, I came across an interview from Minmini narrating the unfortunate happenings in her life.

Sometimes, Mother Nature is cruel!! And hats off to Rahman to have given her a second chance in ‘Karuthamma’, without disappointing her.


KUMAR.S.R said...

may god bless min'mini' with 'maxi'mum happiness and a bright future.

kanna said...

Yes mother nature is indeed so very cruel... And I think in today's music industry, even a lot of capable young singers are being sidelined because of the sheer number of singers in the market. As talented as a number of new singers are, it's a big deal to bag 10 songs, good or mediocre, in a year.

Emjay said...

Welcome Kanna to my blog.

I agree with you. More and more singers are entering. But, I don't see a point. They don't get to sing good numbers and consistently.

Vinith said...

so pity on minmini... so hapless...

i gues, "sattena nanaindhadhu nenjam" was sung by her in Kannathil Muthamittal... wow her voice is still fresh and reminds me of Janaki's voice...