Thursday, May 22, 2008


I had the privilege to hear Dasavatharam album yesterday. Less talked, better it is.
However, being Kamal's movie, planning to just drop 2 lines here.

Inspiration has always been there from the years of KM, MSV, Raaja and ARR. It is well understood and acknowledged.
However, a blatant and shameless lift does require some answering.

Original (God knows !!) :

Modified and presented in Dasavatharam :

'Mukunda Mukunda' - A lame melody and pathetic rendering. Even an amateur could compose better.

Only consolation is the lyrics by Kavignar Vaali, at his best.

Notable lyrics:

Raajalakshmi Naayakan Srinivasan Dhaan
Srinivasan Sei Intha Vishnu Daasan Naan

Apparently, Raajalakshmi and Srinivasan are Kamal's real life parents.

Inspiration and lifting are different, Himesh. I will come back with a inspiration number in my next post.


kumar.s.r said...

Hi emjay,
Its a disappointment for Kamal fans.Why did KSR,Kamal go for Himesh ?.There are many MD's in the Tamil Film industry to boast of.The original song 'Baggy Jeansum' is from the malayalam movie 'Sainyam' composed by S.P.Venkatesh(Sangeetharaja).

Emjay said...

I am not the authority to speak. But, I read somewhere that both are lifted from some Arabic tune. God knows!