Saturday, May 31, 2008

Raajadhi Raaja

Film industry has seen several successful music directors. But, how many of them enjoyed the fame and privilege that Illayaraja enjoyed spanning 3 decades is a big question. During the Annakkili film celebration, one of the die-hard fan (already?) went up to the mike and yelled: "Where is the Music Director of this movie?"

People used to watch hopeless movies solely for the songs. During the 250 days celebration of Payanangal Mudivathillai, a landmark movie in Tamil, cut outs of a music director (Raaja) were raised for the first time in the history. In 1989, M.Karunanidhi the then CM christened Illayaraja as "Isaignani" Illayaraja. Often people quip about his public relation skills that if and only if he had a PR machine he would have been the No.1 even today, in terms of market.

Some of the obvious references to Illayaraja in the lyrics that were tuned by Maestro himself:

Vaa Raja Vaa (Kannadasan penned this song keeping Raaja in mind)

Orampo Orampo Rukkumani (A clear tribute to Illayaraja and Gangai Amaran, causing a furore in TN)
Pudhu Raagam Padaipadhaale Naanum Iraivane (Madai Thiranthu from Nizhalgal)
Indha Kaalath Ilaignarukku Illayaraja Endhan Paatt erukku (How confident to proclaim!!)
Raaja Raajadhi Raajan Indha Raaja (He was simply at his peak this time)
Raajadhi Raaja Un Thandhirangal
Raaja Kaiya Vecha Adhu Wronga Ponadhilla (Vaali mentioned in an interview)
Raasave.... Unnai Vida Maataen (Several directors and producers used to be at his mercy, once)
Chinnathaayaval Thantha Raajaavae (Reference to his mother)
Enna Pethu Rasaiya nnu (Naan Yaaru Enakkedhum Theriyalaye)

Paattale Budhi Sonnaar (Karagattakaran)
Adharkaaga thaan Isai Avathaarama Naan Porandhaennu (Avathaaram)
Muthirai Eppodhum Kuthida Thappadha Raaja (Yes, very few songs miss his signature)

Did he have a foresight of what he was going to achieve when he did all this. Indeed he established a kingdom that he proclaimed in:

"Isaikena Isaikindra Rasigargal Rajjiyam
Padaipaen Naaaaaaaannn"

Did any other Music Director in the whole of India ever enjoy this kind of privilege or fame? My little brain box says a resounding NO.


ரமேஷ் குலோத்துங்கன் said...

I think we can add Idhayam Oru Koyil - Idhaya Kovil, Paatellam super hit thaan paathuko - Rasaiya
to the list

Kaamam thedum ulagile Geetham ennum dheepathal Raama naamam meedhile naadha thiyaga rajarum oonai urukki uyirin vilakkai yetrinaaramma avar paadalin jeevan adhuve avaraanar en paadalin jeevan edhuvo adhe neeye

Paadalgal oru kodi edhuvum pudhithillai raagangal kodi kodi edhuvum pudhithillai enadhu jeevan nee thaan endrum pudhithu..

I guess the lyrics are written by raja himself.

Emjay said...

Welcome to my blogspace, Ramesh.

I agree. The example you gave fits here. Also, after I wrote this blog, I remembered at least 4-5 songs that was singing his glory.