Saturday, May 24, 2008


With gas price shooting to $4 per gallon, driving from Michigan to Niagara Falls, NY through 3 states doesn't sound like a good plan. But, I didn't have an idea of this souring gas price, in first place. Anyways, heading to Niagara this long weekend and would seldom have time in another 3 days. So, thought of sharing something for my readers to chew and digest till I come back:

A forum where a gentleman has given us so many moments of Kannadasan to us and presented the story behind many songs the great legend has penned.

Thanks to Mahendra Raj for giving us so much information and I am sure you all would enjoy reading this.

Very few people have the courage and will to confess their other side and Kannadasan is next to Gandhi, IMHO.

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kumar.s.r said...

Hi emjay,Wish you a safe and pleasant journey!
Thanks for giving us the ticket to have a trip down memory lane of Kannadaasan with Mahendra Raj!