Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Absolute Bliss

Born and brought up in a lower-end brothel, he had been dreaming a lot about a fictious character Abhirami. He believes that once he meets Abhirami and marries on a full moon day, he will be absolved and be let free of all his miseries. Kamal played the role to its perfection and till day madmen are often referred as ‘Guna’. That symbolizes his performance.

I was supposed to be talking music. Isn’t it? Here is a man who can come up with mind blowing tunes even if there is no situation for a song in a movie. Remember the songs he gave to Ramaraajan for run-of-the-mill movies. And now you give him such a situation: “Guna gets to meet Abhirami finally”. I can imagine what Kamal must have told Raja: “Feel of Bliss. That’s what I am looking for”.

Yes, that’s precisely what he gave with “Paartha Vizhi Paartha Padi”. A devotional, free-flowing, sense of bliss and goose bumps!! Interestingly, the song’s prelude with the sounds from ‘Sangu’ – An instrument used usually to communicate war messages or death messages.

And see, what kind of lyrics he chose to tune to. He used 'Abhirami Andhadhi' brilliantly to suit the situation showing the sense of obsession and surrender. Even if you haven’t watched the movie, you can clearly list the adjectives of the tune. It brings out ecstasy to the forefront and leaves us speechless. Raaja has the knack of presenting an epic like ‘Thiruvasagam’ or ‘Thevaaram’ for consumption to public who are neither the pundits of literature nor Carnatic music. I could have never ever dreamt of knowing ‘Sivapuranam’ by-heart, but for Thiruvaasagam.

And the rendering was done by none other than a great legend, Jesudas. He made the rendering look so simple, but, takes one several attempts to reach the notes he did with ease.

No wonder, this is one of the Kamal’s favorite song.
And mine too :)

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KUMAR.S.R said...

hi emjay,
nice review.
the best part of the song is where dr.jesudas sings the pallavi in the higher octave ( when kamal receives the laddu from his dream god abhirami).