Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Unsung SPB

Despite singing over 35,000 songs spanning more than 3 decades, this man's thirst for singing the unsung numbers doesn't end!

'Poongaatru Thirumbuma' is a signature Raaja's folk song and it is also very famous for Vairamuthu's lyrics, especially - "Methai Vaanginaen Thookkatha Vaangala". This song is originally sung by Malasia Vasudevan and S.Janaki. Flute has been used brilliantly to give the feel. Enjoy the same song sung by SPB in one of the events/concert.

"Thaalaatta" is rendered by SPB as "Thaaa aaaaa laaa aaa ttaeee" as a 'Thaalattu' by itself. Crystal clear rendering. After hearing SPB's version, I feel more and more immersed into this version of the song. Is it just my prejudice? May be.

Please enjoy the both the versions of song now.

Original Version:

SPB Version:


kumar.s.r said...

Hi emjay,
SPB has sung well.As you said,he has given extra 'sangadhi' while singing 'thaalaatta', but this kind of rendition sounds good only at live concerts.The nature of lyrics in this song is pure folklore.In M.V's rendition the language has nativity whereas SPB's version sounds too urban.
Just listen to the very first word ,M.V sings 'Poongaathu'and SPB sings 'Poongaatru'.In the charanam M.V sings 'Metha Vaanguna(n)' whereas SPB sings 'Metha Vaanginae(n) ' stressing the last letter of the word.IMO Mudhal Mariyaadhai is to M.V & Iraandaam Mariyaadhai to SPB.

kumar.s.r said...

'Poongaatru Thirumbuma' is also very famous for Vairamuthu's lyrics, especially - "Methai Vaanginaen Thookkatha Vaangala".

Hi emjay,the above lines were not lyrics of Vairamuthu's IMAGINATION but just a TRANSLATION.Those were the lines from a english proverb which goes 'Money can buy BED but not SLEEP'. I had pointed this to my Dad in the year 1985 when he was complimenting Vairamuthu for this line.Again in 1987 Vairamuthu translated ' If wishes were horses,even beggars would ride' to 'Aasaigal inge kudhiraigal aanaal,ezhaigal kooda oorvalam poavaar', for a song from the movie Mandhira Punnagai sung by S.Janaki.

Emjay said...

I agree that MV sounds more folkish and I am sure SPB wanted to sound different and hence some sangadhi and crystal clear rendering.. SPB could have made it loook more folkish, but didn't want to, may be.

And, thanks for the clarification on the lyrics part.

kumar.s.r said...

Hi emjay,
Is the 'Poongaathu thirumbuma' song sung by SPB ,from a Live Concert or an Album ? Can you please email me the song to kumarsplanet@gmail.com .