Friday, May 9, 2008

Violence in Romance?

Let me start this blog with the most famous and super hit song from Mudhalvan. Song has been picturised with Manisha and Arjun dancing to the tune of A.R.Rahman with enchanting rhythm.

No wonder why ARR songs become super hit. He focuses on foot tapping basic rhythm and builds the song on top of it. "Kurukku Siruthavale" is one such song where the rhythm is really foot tapping. And the lyrics are written by none other than Kavi Perarasar – Vairamuthu.

Let us first dissect the pallavi and understand what the heck is "Kurukku Siruthavale". I did Google on it and damn it, couldn't find a meaning for it.

Nope. Google never fails. I finally got some lead to a forum where one gentleman enlightened my Tamil ignorance with the meaning of it. "Kurukku" means Breadth, in general. "Siruthavale" means 'One who has the least'. In this context, VM (Vairamuthu) describes the heroine as 'One who has the least breadth'.Yes, his waist is so least in breadth!!

Eureka!! I got to know some Tamil Literature. Thanks to VM.

I only want to highlight how this man brings violence, death etc. in a romantic duet !! Look at the following lyrics that comes in the song..

Kannukkula Nozhanju Uruthuriyae
Uyir Moocha Niruthu Kanmaniye
Un Mudhuga Tholachu Veli Yera
Udambu Mannil Pudhaigira Varayil Udan Vara Koodumo
Kolla Vandha Maranam Kooda Kozhambum Ayya
Unnala Sila Murai Irakkavum Sila Murai Pirakkavum

You enter through my eyes and irritate
Give me a tight hug and stop my bloody breath
I will pierce your back and come out, pain? what the heck?
Be with me until the body buried into the soil
Death that may kill you will get confused
I die sometimes because of you

Mind boggling? Hold your breath.

This man has lots and lots to offer like this. Watch this space.

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Suresh said...

Vaira varigal illa...Violence varigal...! :-)

But I noted a thing about him during one of our "tamil film industry hysteria" on account of the hogenekal issue. On the big stage, 99.9% who came out to the stage, spoke all kinds of nonsense and provoking people. There were only two who made some sense. One was VM and other was Kamalhaasan. VM requested to the media not to make note of the abusive language used by some of them but carry the emotions with their pen. That was nice of him!

So, out of the whole lot, relatively, his speech conveyed that he is relatively a sensible person.

And kamal, as always, proved he was a genius!