Sunday, May 18, 2008

Raaja Durbar

If one has to list down the key milestones in Tamil Film Music, Sindhu Bhairavi cannot be missed in the list. It marked a strong presence in all spheres of film making. Not to leave out excellent acting and direction from ‘Iyakkunar Sigaram’ – K.Balachandar. Sivakumar lived the role of JKB and his body language throughout was simply superb. An actor is only as good as the scope given.

Its swara time now. JKB loses his No.1 spot in the industry after he resorts to alcohol in an effort to forget his association with Suhasini. He has no ‘Kutcheri’ in hand and one night he stops by the Sabha, where he used to scintillate. He notices a ‘Dabba’ Baghavathar performing a concert and the audience with little choice nodding their heads. This situation must have been like eating ‘Thirunelveli Halwa’ for our Raaja and Jesudas. Can you imagine the Raaga that Raaja chose to use? Durbar.

The song is very short, but doesn’t miss the punch. KB would have only wanted one thing here. A musical piece for JKB to assert that he hasn’t lost his supremacy. JKB interrupts the Baghavathar and starts singing:

Ri Ri Ri…Ri Sa Ri Pa Ma Ga Ga Ri Sa Ri Ri Ri

Rest all follows like a 250 mph bullet train from Mr. Jesudas. The breath control, rendering power and the short nature of the song gives all that KB would have wanted for the situation.

Situation Songs – Raaja Rocks!!

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