Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Birthday

Born in Karaikudi, consulting for General Motors, holding a Tim Horton’s (Canadian) coffee in one hand, driving a Nissan (Japanese) car, going at 70 mph on a Michigan (USA) freeway listening to “Naan Thedum Sevvanthi Poo” composed by Pannayapurathu Illayaraja in the dawn reasserts the globalization factor.

One of my friend said that Illayaraja’s strength lies mainly in the melodious tune composition.
I shot back: “Then, what about his orchestration?”. “Yes, they are definitely his other major strength”, he admitted.

I couldn’t stop there. “And what about his interludes?”, I asked.
“Oh, yeah. Raaja was the first composer to have given enough emphasis for prelude and interludes. His interludes are mind boggling”, he said.

The technical knowledge of both idioms of Indian Classical and Western Classical music - Simply superb. And what about the mind boggling pace and style at which he executes. A treat to watch, isn’t it?

Bottomline: He is Isaignani
Wish you a very happy Birthday, Raaja.

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Vijay Krishna Narayanan said...

As one friend put it, "நேற்று இல்லே, நாளை இல்லே, எப்பவும் நீ ராஜா!"