Monday, June 16, 2008


Felt like a fish out of water for two days as I couldn't blog. Anyways, I have a good news and bad news.

Good news first. Good news is that I have some precious and special material to share with you all. You would be ecstatic like me especially, if you are a fan of Illayaraja.

Bad news: I will be able to share with you all only in my next blog. I would love to see any guess work..


முருகேஷ் said...

My guesses

1) scanned copy of some hand-written musical notes by IR

2) Some rare interview of IR

3) video of IR's rehearsal

kanna said...

collection of bgm from many movies?

btw, is there some way to subscribe to this blog's posts? For example Suresh's Yours Musically has something called feedburner, which sends wach new post to me via email. I find your blog very interesting and informative, and it'll be great if there's something like feedburner which notifies me when there's a new post. :)

Emjay said...


"Scanned Copy" is right. But, not the musical notes....


Nope :( It is not the BGM. I am sure you might find this BGM in many places...

And regarding feedburner, I will work on it. Meanwhile, please email me to your mail id. I will add you to the notification list so that you will receive an email everytime a new post is added.