Thursday, June 12, 2008

Inaindha Kaigal

You would have already guessed what I am going to blog about.

M.S.Viswanathan was once requested by Illayaraja to work on some re-recording for a movie. MSV readily obliged. As Kannadasan has mentioned several times, MSV is an innocent person with little ego. Soon the rumor mills started working overtime to declare that MSV has become Illayaraja’s assistant. Both of them got a bit upset and decided to work as peers in one movie and thus “Mella Thirandhadhu Kadavu” was born.

People must play to their strengths. They did. MSV focused on churning out tunes for all the songs (except one) and Illayaraja focused on orchestration. What a musical hit! Every song is special for a reason. My favorite is the apparently the one tuned by Illayaraja.

Do you know which song was tuned by Illayaraja in that movie? Any guess?

Click here to listen songs from Mella Thirandhadhu Kadavu


முருகேஷ் said...

Is it "Thedum kann paaravai"?

"Vanna Thamizh Paattu" is another movie I remember, in which they worked together. Any other movies?

முருகேஷ் said...

Sorry that was "Senthamizh Paattu"

Emjay said...

As fas I know, they worked in 2 other movies:

Senthamizh Paattu
Vishwa Thulasi

Suresh Kumar said...

Emjay - Vishwa Thulasi's director Sumathy Ram wrote some tamil poems and made MSV to compose tunes for the poems which was supposed be released as a private album, but later she decided to make a movie in which she wanted to use the songs composed by MSV, but she wanted Illayaraja to compose the background score... as always IR refused to do only the background score, so himself spotted few more places in the movie where songs could be placed and composed songs for it....the lyrics of all the song composed by IR are written by himself...

btw, Vishwa thulasi has one of most beautiful background scores of IR....i could feel the divine sounds of veena and flute pieces from the background score of the movie as i type this

Ramesh said...

Is it Vaa Vennila?

Emjay said...

Thanks for the information, Suresh.

And the only song that Illayaraja tuned is said to be "Kuzhaloodhum Kannanukku Kuyil Paattu". Lovely song.

"Ooru Sanam Thoongiruchu" is also a beautiful song. Whenever, I hear "Bunno Rani Badi Surani", I invariably hum "Ooru Sanam".

Vignesh said...

'Senthamizh Selvan' *ing Prashanth, Madhubala is another less known movie with music by IR-MSV combo

Emjay said...

That's a news.. I don't remember hearing any songs from that film either. Will check that out..

Thank you, Vignesh :)