Friday, June 13, 2008

Short but sweet

Why things that I love to eat is not healthier? And why are the songs that I love so much are too short?

Yes, I am taking about those bit songs. It comes like a "Vaaa Ma Minnnnallll" type. Illayaraja has used the bit songs very aptly to fit to the situation. Wherever director wanted to convey a mood without too many dialogues, Raaja used his "Brahmaastram" - Bit Song. I cannot imagine how Vijaykanth (Chinna Koundar) could have ever expessed sorrow and grief when Sukanya turns down his gift (in the form of money for saving his mother) without the help of "Sollal Aditha Sundari". Such songs do not last more than 2 minutes and performs its role to the perfection and goes away. A great relief to the directors :-)

Some of my favorite short songs under Illayaraja's compositions are:

Yamunai Aatrile - Dhalapathi
Sollal Aditha Sundari - Chinna Koundar
Aathula Anna Kili - Veera
Yaarudhu Yaarudhu - Pithamagan
Theeradha Vilayaattu Pillai - Kaatrukkenna Veli
Dharisanam Kidaikkaadha - Alaigal Oyvadhillai
Nethiyile Pottu Vei - Virumaandi
Thangachi Thangachi - Kutty

I'm sure, there are quite a few more..doesn't come to my mind instantly... Your comments are welcome.

There is another beautiful similar song composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal (I guess, not sure) that starts like: "Pallavi Illamal Paadugiraen"


J said...

Hi Emjay, came from Kumar's blog.

Nice list. has some of my fav too.

short songs that came to my mind:

* Ye kuruvi chittu kuruvi - Mudhal Mariyathai
* Thanmaanam Ulla - Mahanadhi
* Thoothu selvadhaaradi - Singara Velan
* Sattena nanaindhathu nenjam - Kannathil Muthamitaal. (ARR though)

kumar.s.r said...

J , Eppo vandheenga , Thoodhu selvadhaaradi was in my list too !

Emjay ... some more to the list .

*Paechi Paechi - Enga Ooru Paattukkaaran ( the rhythm intro is long but pallavi is short )
*Adi Aathukkulla , Ulaga Vaazhkaiya - Rajaadhi Raaja
* Isaiyaale Naan - Paattukku Oru Thalaivan

Emjay said...

Welcome J and thanks for the list.

I don't think Thoodhu Selvatharadi belongs to this list. It has one charanam at least.

And thanks Kumar for the list too. I haven't heard "Isaiyaale Naan" yet. Will do sometime this weekend.

kumar.s.r said...

Yes , Thoodhu selva .... has a charanam . That's why I dropped ' Das Das Chinnappa Das ' - Kadalora Kavidhaigal from my list .

guna said...

"en jannalil" from Mozhi falls under this.. good one from vidhyasagar

kumar.s.r said...

Oops ! Ninaivellaam Nithya ...... what a song by S.P.B , guitars , vibes and the variations by the drummer when S.P.B goes high .. Nithyaaaaa . Hats-off to the Maestro.

Ramesh said...

Nice list. Dharisanam and Yaaradhu are my favorites too. One more song that comes to my mind is "Kaalellam Nogudhadhi" from "Bommakutty ammavukku". It has got a nice rhythm. Unable to get hold of that song.

Emjay said...


I haven't heard that song. Will do. Thanks.

I missed some great ones ...

1) Saranam Bhava (Sethu)
2) Paavana Guru (Mella Thirandhadhu Kadavu)
3) Paartha Vizhi (Guna)

Ramesh said...

Emjay, that song actually comes when Raghuvaran waits for Sathyaraj till evening in the construction site.

shri ramesh sadasivam said...

nenachi nenachi thavichi thavichi -from Sethu,

Emjay said...

Good one, Shri.

Raj said...

dass dass chinnappa dass in "Kadalora Kavithaikal".....this particular song was explained by Bharathiraja in an interview also, how Raja has composed this bit song for this scene sequence unexpectedly.