Friday, June 6, 2008

Vaira'nin Vaira Varigal

It must have been close to 6 PM and I went back to home after a tiring day (at least pretended so..) from work. My wife was listening to a song from “Kannathil Muthamittaaal”

Me : Why are you playing it again and again?
Sandhya : What a beautiful song! The lyrics are so good and…

(I already went inside the room and after 10 minutes still the same song is ON!)

Me : What’s so great about the lyrics in this song?
Sandhya : Listen to this …

(She pauses at a point in the media player and plays it)

Me : I still don’t get it. Looks like one of His hallucination.. (I could see her RED already!) Seri Seri.. What is He trying to say?

“Enadhu Vaanam Nee
Ezhandha Siragum Nee”

Sandhya : Listen..I can see myself in this position. After Sahana is born, almost everything I do/think/work is around her…She has occupied my whole life and she looks like a sky in my life…
Me : Okay....What about the “Ezhandha Siragu”?

Sandhya : Exactly.. She is those “lost wings” of mine.. I can’t do whatever I want to now.. I have to always work around her….Isn’t it nice?
Me : Very nice..

“Did He really mean this when he wrote those lines?” – I said to myself ;)

Digression: If you hear very carefully, it is quite clear that this song (Nenjil Jil Jil Jil) is sung in several pieces and stiched together to present in a wonderful fashion. And I feel pity for the budding singers in shows like "Saptha Swarangal", "Ennodu Paattu Paadungal" etc. attempting to sing in a stretch going off in shruthi ! Brilliant composition by A.R.Rahman and wonderful singing by Jeyachandran. And credit to Vairamuthu for wonderful lyrics too.


முருகேஷ் said...

I had never paid attention to lyric of this song before. But, after reading your post I read the lyric of the entire song. It's wonderful.

Both version of the song were beautifully picturized. If you haven't watched this song in video yet, please watch it.

Anonymous said...

I dont think so "Ezhantha Siragum Nee" portrays abt Amutha who lost her mother Vairamuthu says like that..Observes these lines u can get it

Iraval Velicham Nee....

This is my Honorable opinion how far is it correct i dunno...

Emjay said...

Thanks Murugesh.

Hi Inoruvan,

You are probably right.. Just the way my wife interpreted, I guess. BTW, I haven't watched the movie yet!

Vinith said...

Singing the whole song at a stretch is outdated. Only Raaja, SPB, Janaki have sung the full song at a stretch. They still can do!!!

I have seen Karthick sing Oru malai song on a stage!!! Thambi thinaru thinaru -nu thinarinaapla!!! No one except few in this generation can sing the full song at at stretch without going off the sruthi!

Is compoing songs using software a reason for this?

Emjay said...

Well, you are right. SPB will be my pick. I can put him in any acoustic environment and he will come out with flying colors.

My opinion as to why these days singers are not able to perform the same feat is that they have to practice a lot, but are busy with Pepsi Uma shows and Coffee with Anu after singing just 2- 3 songs in the whole career.

Vinith said...

"but are busy with Pepsi Uma shows and Coffee with Anu after singing just 2- 3 songs in the whole career" - LOL!!!!

One recent such singer is Krish!! Many TV channels interviewed him after Unnale Unnle, PKMC. I hate this guy for his nasal voice, no depth in singing!! Height of comedy is, He was awarded best singer recently!!