Friday, June 6, 2008

Vallamai Thaarayo

O Parashakthi!! Vallamai thaarayo for me and the music lovers to bear, whenever ….

  • Madhushree kills the beauty of Tamizh with her pronounciation (What’s her problem?)
  • Udit Narayan touches the higher octaves in “Sahana Saral Thoovudho” (Udit, please give up!)
  • One more Dandanakka song by Vidyasagar for a Vijay movie (All sounds the same, aren’t they?)
  • Mano spoils a melody number (With a few exceptions)
  • Yuvan’s new album gets released (I am sorry, NO exceptions)
  • ARR talks about the need for live musicians and instruments in place of Computers (What a joke!)

    Vijay Krishna Narayanan said...

    I hate Madhushree myself, but I would point the blame to the music directors. After all, it is they (along with the director, probably) who choose playback singers.

    But considering how Asha Bhosle absolutely murders Tamil songs (eg: Konja Neram, from Chandramukhi, where she sings "Kannu dhaasan paadal vari pola"), I would rate Madhushree a few notches better.

    Emjay said...

    I agree with you completely. Singer like Shreya Ghosal who sings so perfectly for Maestro goes on to sing "Unnal thaane naane VaaLLLLkiraen" for Yuvan. I guess, they deliberately make them sing for whatever best reasons they know for!!

    kanna said...

    Hi, new to your blog and reading some old posts.
    I completely agree with the madhusree matter. What I do not get is why composers like ARR cling on to her when her voice isn't even that unique. I mean, she has a nice voice, but nothing so miraculous that one is willing to kill the lyrics for it. There are plenty of singers with similar sweet voices who can do more justice to lyrics, eg Chinmayi, Shreya Goshal usually, mahathi etc.
    Abt Yuvan, I wouldn't shoot him down so fast. I think he has produced a lot of marvelous works, but has produced an equal amount of pure crap. One thing that makes my life easier is an album from Yuvan is usually all crap, or all good. I think he just bothers with the effort when the movie is worth it. Some notables in the past year or so include Para Para Pattampoochi, Sanjaram, a couple of songs from Billa (not the remix. definitely NOT the remix).
    I'm not sure what u mean abt ARR, is there some interview he said this in? Neengga solrathu enaku avvalavu puriyala :)