Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kaatrin Mozhi

Can I write a post without a mention about Illayaraja? I guess, I can.

Let me take the shelter of “Freedom of opinion” and say: 90 out of 100 songs are utter trash, these days. Neither an impressive tune nor any significant lyrics. Be happy with the rest 10%, you may say.

Unfortunately not. 5 of these 10 are remixes. So, not much credit to the composers. Rather, as long as they don’t spoil the original tune and rhythm, I say “Sabaash. Well done”

Of the all the albums I heard in 2007, one of the top pick would be Mozhi composed by Vidyasagar. "Oru Paanai Sotrukku Oru Soru Padam" – Vidyasagar proved himself his excellence in “Malare Mounama” of the movie Karna.

Vidyasagar’s shop is very interesting.

  • A customer like Dharani or Vijay might walk out of his shop with a bag full of Kuthu songs, with a sense of pride.
  • A customer like Radha Mohan or Prakash Raj would walk out of his shop with all situational songs with 1 or 2 masterpieces, merrily.
  • A tough customer like Kamal will push him to the core to extract the best and come out with “Anbe Sivam”, still not satisfied.

    It all depends on what you want, finally.

    Any amount of praise is not enough to praise the effort of Vidyasagar for the song “Kaatrin Mozhi Oliya Isaiya”. Vairamuthu at his best, again. Only very rarely all the elements for a great song come together. Excellent lyrics, brilliant composition, neat singing for a meaningful movie. All the factors turned around for Radha Mohan’s movie Mozhi.

    Put your headphones ON and you are taken to a different world altogether. Excellent singing by Balram and Sujaatha. Even the other songs in the movie were really brilliant and apt for the movie.

    Pambarakannu, Pachamolaga, Appadi Podu, Eppadi Podu” nnu kaettu kaettu kaduppaana kadhugalukku, a soul stirring treat!

    Anonymous said...

    Obviously.After Raja And Rahman I Admire Vidyasagar the most when comes to Melody..But Sadly he is exploited for the Masala Nonsenses..

    Not Only Kaatrin Mozhi..I Started loving his songs from the Movie Karna..Who else will forget the great one Malarae Mounama...

    Go thru my Past Post to find out the more classics of Vidyasagar..if u haven't read out...

    முருகேஷ் said...


    I've been reading your blog for the past 4 days. You are giving insight to raagas and information about songs, which is interesting.

    Among the series of kutthu songs released in the past 4 years, songs like 'Kaatrin mozhi' is one of the rare kind. Vidyasagar's good numbers were sometimes under rated or forgotten altogether.

    1) Poi solla koodaathu (Run)
    2) Kaadhal vandhaal (Iyaraki)
    3) Chitthirayil enna varum (Sivapathikaaram)
    4) Mazhai kaatru (Vedham)
    5) Nooraandukku (Thaayin manikodi)

    Emjay said...

    Yes, innoruvan.

    Malare Mounama was amazing composition, rich orchestration and SPB literally melted in the song :-) I will check out your posts as well.

    Emjay said...

    Welcome to my blog, Murugesh.

    Among the list you had mentioned, I love the song "Poi Solla Koodadhu Kaadhali".Oh man...Hariharan would have sung that song so well.....

    In Sivapathikaram, I liked the song "Atrai Thingal Vaanidam" sung by Madhu Balakrishnan. I will check out other songs as well.

    Emjay said...


    I like the song "Chithiraiyil Enna varum" very much. Very nice melody.