Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Namrata Ke Saagar

This bhajan ‘O Namrata ke Sagar’ was chanced upon by the illustrious Aditya Birla family of India three years ago, who opine it must have been written by the Mahatma during one of his stays with them.

The music for O Namrata ke Sagar is composed by southern maestro Ilayaraja, whereas Hindustani music exponent Pandit Bhimsen Joshi has lent his voice to the thought-provoking number. Sources inform that the Mahatma’s bhajan is more like a prayer or soliloquy without poetic meter.

Illayaraja, however, has taken care of this aspect.

Considering that it will be marketed by Aditya's group, hope it gets good marketing treatment like Vande Maataram and not the one like Thiruvaasakam in Symphony ! (This is yet to be released)


kanna said...

Hadn't heard of this before; what upcoming album is this part of? Or is it a single?

Emjay said...


Illayaraja is working on some of the Mahatma Gandhiji's bhajans into an album. I don't know the exact name of the album, but, this is one of them. I think it is expected to be released later this part of the year - may be Oct 2nd??

ramc said...

Is the lyrics and importantly meaning of the song is available anywhere. it will help to understand the exact feel of the song. Ramc

harilama said...

The song is sung by Anil chakraborthy. The ending voice is by Pt. Bhimsen joshi.

Vinith said...

Thats a great news. Hope it becomes a sensational hit.


Ajay Chakravarthy or Anil Chakraborthy. The one who sang "isaiyil thodanguthamma"?

kanna said...

The filming looks professional, I hope the album gets good marketing.. Do keep us updated if u hear anything about the album :)

Emjay said...

Hi All,

I couldn't find the lyrics/meaning anywhere in the web yet. Meanwhile, if anyone finds it, please do share.

Hari - Thanks for correcting me. It is Ajay Chakraborthy - Same singer who sang Isaiyil Thodanguthamma.

sridhar said...

i am a frequent visitor to your blog. is there anything like southern meastro.i am sure you did not intented to write like that. but when i read, it gives the different perspective. i felt very odd when i read that. it means that he is bound to one place which already media promoted to some extent . do we need to do the same?i dont my my message approved or not. but please consider my view point and i would request you to act accordingly.

thanks and regards

Emjay said...

Hi Sridhar -

Very good point. Honestly speaking, the words "southern maestro" doesn't reflect what I think and I totally agree with your view point. He or His music is not bound to any region.

It is universal.


Kameshratnam said...

This audio cd has been officially released.
If needed, please let me know
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