Friday, August 1, 2008

Ilamai Enum Poongaatru

If you had ever watched this song (Illamai Enum Poongaatru) for just the visuals, you missed a great deal! Kannadasan's lyrics and Illayaraja's music were no-less sexier than Sridevi and that poor hero grazing over her.

I haven't watched the movie, but, having watched so many of our movies, I can take a rough cut at it. The car that Sridevi must have been driving would have broke down in midst of a scary forest and predictably, hero rescues her from an animal or rowdies...and the hero gets hurt in that process. She tears her skirt and helps the hero back... Now, we have got two young souls in a forest, none of them knew each other. The environment acting a catalyst, the flow goes on.

I don't want to be hypocritic to dismiss the song and its lyrics. Lets face it. Its practical. Instead of describing heroine as Manga, Thenga etc. , look at how our Kavignar describes.

Angam Muzhudhum Pongum Illamai
Edham Padhamai Thondra

Sridevi couldn't resist and falls for the hero, even though they don't know each other much. Can anyone write a better lyrics than this?

Ketka Ninaithaal Marandhaal
Kelvi Ezhum Munn Vizhundhaal

Kavignar describes the power of sexual urge against all the caste, Khan Dhaan etc.

Mannan Enamum Mangai Enamum
Kulam Gunamum Enna?
Dhegam Thudithaal Kann Edhu?

I bet, no-one else can bring the substance any better than this. Anyways, coming to 7 swara...

This song is special because this has 3 charnams against the usual norm of 2 and further all the 3 charanams have the same tune against the norm of Illayaraja to chose a different tune for either the 2nd or 3rd charanam. The guitar usage in the interludes is simply stunning.

Was Kavignar's lyrics so mesmerising that Raaja kept on repeating the charanam after charanam without a break or was it that Kavignar kept writing charanams for a out-of-world tune of Raaja's. Whatever be, we got a wonderful song as the byproduct.

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Vinith said...

Oh my god. This is one of the haunting songs Emjay. My favorite. Was moved when i heard the song! Mainly the lyrics...
Never knew that it was by kannadasan. thought it was VM.
The song is very special if you listen to this in the evening or night. Wow!!! Raaja...raaja than!!!
"Yendha udalo.... yendha uyiro"... OMG, stunnning lyrics!!!

முருகேஷ் said...

This song used to be the one which college students in 80's sing in their annual day to cover their girls. Wonderful song.

New kenny on de block ;) said...

[green]~~Do you believe me if I say I end up with tears as I narrated this song to my colleague, recently? It has amazing/heavy western classical flavour especially scintillating string orchestra arrangement, haunting choir at charanams as bassline. Gorgeous Oboe {} and guitar at 2nd interlude, usage of Guiro {it scratches my soul} throughout de song. Jesus! I can't wait to reach my place so that I would listen {read it as "drench in romance"} to this song. Now, I gonna copy your topic to myspace {smile}. Thanks for lead! Have a good one!


~~Raaja rules!

Emjay said...


I can understand how thoroughly you have enjoyed the song. Particularly, the haunting choir... wowww... He has just mastered in Vocal harmony ..