Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Upcoming Illayaraja's Albums

Illayaraja has given us his best when he had most number of movies at hand. I think he is getting back to the glory days. I am stunned to see the bubbling energy in this man at 65 !! Just a preview of the upcoming albums of Illayaraja:

(Thanks & credits to IR fans in TFM Page. I got most of the information from the tfmpage)

In Tamil

01. Kangalum Kavipaduthey - Audio released already
02. Dhanam - Sangeetha lead role - Audio released already
03. Uliyin Osai - Kalaignar scripted - Audio released already

04. Mayilu - Duet movies produced - Yet to be released - click here for clips
05. Anal Katru - Balu mahandra - Yet to be released
06. Naan Kadavul - Bala movie - Arya & Pooja - Yet to be released (Hopefully it comes before Bala Arya becomes too old to be a hero)
07. Kannabiran - Ameer movie - Yet to be announced
08. Nandalala - Myskin movie - Yet to be released
09. Valmeeki - Yet to be released
10. Alagar Malai - Sangili Murugan Produced (remember Kaadhalukku Mariyaadhai? - Same producer) - Yet to be released, Raaja is picturized in a song completely
11. Malaikallan - Rajkiran movie - Yet to be released
12. Jaganmohgni - Namitha staring - Yet to be released
13. Chinthamani - Rajkiran movie - Yet to be announced
14. Mudhalvar Mahatma - Balakrishnan movie -Yet to be released
15. Padma magan - Yet to be announced
16. Fazil Movie - Prativiraj & Meera Jasmin staring - Yet to be released
17. Adumkoothu - Cheran and Navyanayar - Yet to be released
18. Jayakanthan documentary - Yet to be released

In Malayalam

01. SMS - Bala and Navya nayar - Audio released already
02. Pazhassi Raja - Mamooty & Kanika - Hariharan directed - Mega Budget movie
03. Kutty Shranku - Mamooty & Meera - Yet to be announced
04. Swarnamalikka - Mohanlal & Kavya Madhavan - Yet to be announced
05. Fazil Movie - Fazil movie - Prithiviraj & Mamtha Mohandas

In Telugu

01. Sunny - New faces - Audio released already
02. Mallepoovu - Boomika casted - New director - Album released already
03. Okkadasunnadu - Kalyanram & Genelia casted - Yet to be announced
04. Guick gun Murugan - Jagapathi babu casted - Yet to be announced
05. Teja new movie - Yet to be announced

In Kannada

02. Songoli Rayanna

In Hindi

01. Paa - Amitabh & Abishek casted - Balki Directed - shooting
02. Mukhbir - Jackieshroff acted - Yet to be released
03. Chal chale - Mithun chakravarthy - shooting
04. Ajoy verma movie - yet not to be titled
05. Mumbai Cutting


01. Manikandan (Animation) - Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu & Hindi
02. Namrata Ke Saagar (Bhajan by Gandhiji) - click here to see the clip


Prakash Srinivasan said...

Great update MJ. Mukhbiir(thats the spelling the movie has, main hero is Samir Dattani) is actually by Karthikraja (with 2 other music dirs)! Is this a different movie with the same name as you have mentioned the lead role is by Jackie Shroff?

Emjay said...


You are right. Mukhbir is by Karthik Raaja. And Jackie Shroff had come in some guest appearance it seems. Thanks for correcting.

முருகேஷ் said...

Never thought Raaja is this much busy. I think his gems will come out only When he gets very busy (like in 80s).

Vinith said...

You missed out Ajantha - Audio already released. But movie - yet to be released :)

Emjay said...

Thanks Vinith. "Yaarum Thodatha Ondru" is a beautiful song from Ajantha.

Vinith said...

Yep. Am still listening to it :)

Shreaya - :bow:

New kenny on de block ;) said...

Malaikallan and Chinthamani are doubt. Adumkoothu was screened at international film festival. Sunny was alredy released by late '07. Mumbai Cutting - Sorry, I am de culprit, few sites and say, one of de composers is Raaja sir, however, it is not legitimate information.

We should thank to Alex from Orkut who has consolidated as list. {smile}


~~Raaja rules!