Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mayilu - II

The post I had on the clip from "Mayilu" (yet to be released) movie had most number of hits till date in my blog. Here is another clip from the same movie. It is very interesting to hear Raaja teach how to sing with some accent to his daughter/singer Bhavathaarini. I am sure you look forward to hearing this album as much as I do.

Till the movie/album gets released, this is all we have got to hear!!


Kool Guy said...

Wow!! I've been goin through ur blogs!!! I luv it!!! Seriously!!! That too when some one understands his genius... Wonderful analysis.. Really I admire it as a Die-Hard Fan of IR... I'm gonna be ur regular customer :)...

Emjay said...

Welcome to my blog, Kool Guy!!
It is nice to hear from a fellow IR fan!!