Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another Day

I do not remember exactly, but, I was talking about something with my friend.

I asked him: "What is the guarantee?"

My friend replied: "Mohan, the only thing one can guarantee in this life is death".

Words of wisdom, isn't it?

Again, I recently heard Jaggi Vasudev's speech about life and he mentioned that only thing that our body knows is to walk every day, every year towards the graveyard. Rest all that we do is Maya.

This is one reason why I am not fond of celebration in the name of Birthdays! But, for sure, we all can hear my favorite song today when I declare to the world that I have crossed the average age of a donkey by 2 years!

Raagangal Thaalangal Nooru
Raaja Un Per Sollum Paaru


முருகேஷ் said...


Happy Birthday Emjay.

Today I wished my wife and cousin sister too.

Vinith said...

Happy birthday Emjay!!!

Emjay said...

Thank you, Murugesh & Vinith.

Kavi said...

Happy Birthday, Mohan. Saw this post only today :(

Mahesh. said...

Emjay Enna Album Song Ithu Oru Kaaviyam?

Emjay said...

Movie name is: "Aruvadai Naal"

A gem got buried indeed!!

Mahesh. said...

oh thanks but Devanin Koil is my most favt of that movie i haven't aware of this one need to download right now..