Monday, August 25, 2008

Dhanam Album

After the first hearing of Dhanam soundtrack, I did not have any intention of writing a post on it, honestly. I concluded that this will be another "synth-kind" stuff from Raaja, that he is not known for.

However, something made me hear the album repeatedly and I stand now in a different corner failing to understand how did I even miss writing about this album. It is a different kind of album from Raaja, IMO. You have a pack of everything you look for! Are you a kuthu song fan? Were you longing for another "Kaatril Varum Geethame" kind of song? Were you wondering if there is anyone who commands so much in Bass-line? Were you wondering if anyone who is 65 year old can score like a youth 35 years old?

Answer is Dhanam. "Kannanukku Enna Thevai" is pick of the album, though, I do like few other songs as well. Maestro has mastered the art of weaving melody, layer by layer! If you are a music fan and haven't picked the album yet, I would be surprised.


Arun said...

Great MJ. Its been long time since we talked. Lets try to catch up sometime soon.

Convey Regards to Wife & Kid.

Prakash Srinivasan said...

To be honest, I listened to this album many times but found it bad EXCEPT for Unnakulle & Kannanukku which is a great song!

Emjay said...

Welcome Arun. I am quite glad to have you in my blogspace :)


The way I see Raaja's power is that a bulb glows in everyone's mind about a particular song at a point in time. That's why there is a thread always in tfmpage called "Rediscovering Raaja". So, I am confident that at one point of time in your life, Dhanam bulb will glow for its obvious reasons!!

And I agree, "Kannanukku Enna Vendum" is another evergreen melody from his factory.