Friday, July 25, 2008

Uliyin Osai - II

The more and more I hear this album (Uliyin Osai), I am getting deeply engrossed in it..

"Abhinayam Kaattukindra" is a classical number and the ending segment of the song is really a pleasure to hear. Maestro has set the right tempo for the song. I only wish, if he had roped in Nithyashree instead of one of them (Bombay Jayashree & Sudha Raghunathan) to give a more contrasting variety in voice.
It appears to me that the whole album seems to have one hidden agenda - To demonstrate Sriram Parthasarathy's abilities as a singer! After hearing the whole album, I get a question within myself - "Is he the same singer who sang 'Ilangaatru Veesudhe' ?" His rendition is simply superb.

The song "Aganthayil Aaduvatha" is a class in its own. After the pallavi, Illayaraja enters with a dialogue-styled-rendering and towards the end Sriram takes off effortlessly and only I wonder - Isn't this called "seamless integration"?

I have a historic intolerance towards scale and shruthi changes. Many gems, I haven't heard much because of those shruthi and scale changes. I wonder why? But, in this song, my experiences were different. I only wish I could bring out my experiences in words when I heard the scale changes in this song when Sriram sings "aadiduvaen paarthidama ... kaigalil oru baavam". Experts say that the song starts in Rasikapriya and turns into Mayamalavagowlai. All I can tell is, if the song was originally heading towards Chicago I-94 W, it takes a U turn and somehow (don't ask me how) gets on to I-80-90 E! And more, without any squealing shrill discomforting noises! I don't have the competence to analyze and get into "how" aspect of it.

Sriram has done justice when he sings "Ethanai Baavam Undu Nadanathile", effortlessly brings out all the emotions/baavam in his voice ranging from "Parivu" to "Mogam". Full marks to Sriram for his brilliant singing. Will he bag an award for this album or would he sit and watch some nasal singer bag the award for brutally butchering the lyrics?

For those who want to hear the song, here it is:

I know, I shouldn't have put the whole song considering the "piracy" and "moral" aspects. But, didn't some new-age-guru say that "Naalu Perukku Nalladhunna Edhuvum Thappila"?


kanna said...

I am a real novice in Carnatic music; I have interest but not much training. From what I understand, it is called graha bedam : taking one of the notes in the scale as the new 'sa' and obtaining a new scale. Mayamalava gowla is the nishaada moorcham of rasikapriya, which means it takes the 'ni' (nishaadam) as the new sa. If u have a keyboard at home, try it : play the scale of rasikapriya, and then play the same notes from ni to NI. Voilà, it has become mayamalava gowla!

One can see this occassionally at Carnatic concerts, when a singer performs graha bedam and presents an array of ragas, all juxtapositions of the same original scale. Interesting to see the surprised violinist trying to adapt and keep up.

Raaja has used this Carnatic concept in film music in the past. I believe Ramesh has blogged one or two posts about a few such examples. Hope this helped :)

Vinith said...

Sriram Parthesarathi is once again in fine form. Truly soulful rendition Enjay.
Awesome Lyrics by our CM.
Sriram deserves best singer award for this but he may not even be nominated for this category. Oflate, I have been watching the awards, the judgement goes with who sang the most popular song. its not who has made the song best. Last year Nasal voice Krish was given best singer award in Vijay awards while Balram missed the best singer award for Mozhi.

Suresh Kumar said...

"Naalu perukku..." - Exact same lines I used to defend myself when I started my blog on background scores where I post background score audio clips...

Keep writing more on 'Uliyin Oosai'....

Prakash Srinivasan said...

Did u listen to Dhanam songs by maestro? Review please!!!

Suresh Kumar said...

Emjay - Has Nithyasree sung for Illayaraja before?

Emjay said...


I heard Dhanam songs only once. Planning to hear sometime this week and will write about it.


If my memory serves me right, I don't think Nithyasree has ever sung before for Raaja.