Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Uliyin Osai - I

Only a few meals are special and very satisfactory even though we have food everyday. After hearing "Uliyin Osai", I had a complete satisfaction of hearing a very good album.

I don't have the technical competence to review an album like this where Raaja has spread his wings, literally played and enjoyed in the album throughout. But, I can share my personal experiences while hearing the album, can't I ?
Let me first talk about the song that almost every blog/review had washed off, saying the song was that pedestrian ! The song that I am talking about is - "Azhagi Vara Soru Thara".

You know what? I have been wanting and wanting this kind of song for a long long time. It has been a long wait for me to hear the female chorus sections, rustic voice, no-synth-sounds and finally Raaja's stamp. I got to get everything I mentioned above in this song. This song reminded me of the olden days Malaysia Vasudevan's rustic voice, a typical folkish tune and the female chorus sections. (Chutti Chutti Un Vaala from Chinna Koundar, Thookku Chatiya from Ejamaan) My only question to Raaja is: "Where were you hiding this all these years?"

For the above said reasons, I am more hooked to Raaja's 1990-1994 period of songs more than 1980s unlike other Raaja fans. One interesting observation about this song is: From 1:40 till 2:36, you can notice that the alternation between chorus section and the main singer continues without a pause by alternating octaves as well. That brings out the beauty of the song, IMO.

Finally, couple of reasons (pure guess work) why Raaja might have kept this song in the movie -

a) To feed all class of listeners. Remember, even Sri Ragavendra had "Unakkum Enakkum Aanandham".
b) May be he knew the fate the movie will end up with and thought of giving something for the DMK party workers to dance for!!

Watch this space for review of other songs in the album.

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