Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sonnadhellam Revisited

Hello Everyone,

Remember? Last week I had posted a poem (if you would let me so) and invited tunes for the four lines..

Sonnadhellam Marandhu Vidu
Arugil Vandhu Anaithu Vidu
Pudhu Kaaviyam Kaaviyam Ondrai
Indru Padaithu Vidu

Interestingly, I received more than 4-5 responses and I am herewith posting 3 of them. I do not have the electronic versions for the remaining. It is very interesting to note that the same verses can be perceived so differently by various people.

Submitted by Kumar S R:

Submitted by Gunashekar Jayaraman:

Submitted by Mohan Jayaraman:

I invite your opinion on the tunes and post.


Sandhya said...
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Sandhya said...

All three tunes are great to listen and evoke different emotion.I am perplexed to know that how the same words can be perceived differently by 3 people.Great going all.

kumar.s.r said...

Hi Emjay ,

Your version sounds like an arabian tune :)

Gunashekar's version is the best tune , which has the compromising & convincing-a-woman attitude .

My version sounds much like a BGM score suitable for all the Tamil mega-serial's :)