Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Om Namaha

Thanks to Mani Ratnam for giving a deserving break to all dancing devils (devathais) in this beautiful masterpiece – Om Namaha from “Idhayathai Thirudadhe. After all, one must have some musical sense to pictutarize the song at the least aptly, if not elevate it. This romantic song is all about love-making and being a song that shows intimacy the director decided to just revolve revolve and revolve the camera around the young couple.

Have you heard this proverb: “Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham” – means “Even a grass can be a weapon in the hands of the skilled person”. Illayaraja has proved one more time that he sees music everywhere. He has demonstrated in this song that even the closing of the mitral and tricuspid valves of the human heart can be the rhythm. The whole song rhythm is based on the “lub-dub lub-dub” – heartbeat.

Another interesting thing in this song is that both the Charanam ends exactly in the note where the Pallavi starts. I remember SPB was mentioning this aspect in one of his shows that every few song can touch this brilliance. Look how Mano ends the 2nd Charanam with ‘Om’ and Janaki takes off the Pallavi with the same ‘Om’.

Vaali has penned the essence of love-making brilliantly, next to Kannadasan. Even the wild and crudest imagination of love-making is masked and beautified here with his choice of words.

Om Namaha

All time hits of Mano


Anonymous said...

To be Honest Both Raja and Maniratnam lost each after Thalapathy.I Swear there cant be better Trinity than Mani-Raja-PC in the Indian Cinema.ITs a great loss for Tamil Cinema.Though it seems to be weird or stupid u can clearly see the slumpness of both after separation.Coming to Om Namaha...Sorry MY Pick of the Album is O Paapa Lali,Kaaviyam Padava Thendrale..A Grand visual Treat With Maestro's BGM...Idhyathai Thirudathey.Damnly Missing Mani-Raja...

Emjay said...

Hi Inoruvan,

I agree with you completely. Its indeed a great loss that these two giants haven't joined hands, though I have heard Mani Ratnam say multiple times in the last few months that he would love to work with Illayaraja when he gets a good script.

I too love the songs you mentioned. This song is special to me because it was definitely differently picturized than the regular way.