Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ஒரு கற்பனை

Kamal Hassan makes an unique attempt to bring music composers of various generations into one room and attempt a collaborative effort for making an album with a theme in mind. Sharp 10 AM and the room is already filled with composers of various generations.

We could see MSV, Illayaraja, Rahman, Deva & Srikanth Deva, Harris and Yuvan all eagerly waiting to hear what Kamal has to say.

Kamal: Vanakkam. Pudhu Pudhu muyarchigal eduppathil naan munnodiyaaga eruppavan endru palarum ninaithu kondirundhaalum, endha muyarchi oru vidhyasamana.....

Harris: (interrupts) Sir. Konjam Tamil la pesa mudiyuma?

MSV: Ada da da daa......Oh Muruga....En appane..

Kamal: Oru album panna vendum. Oru koottu muyarchi oda.. Adhukku dhaan koodiyirukkom indru..

(Illayaraja takes a notepad, pen and starts writing notes onto it. Deva tries to look at the notes over Raaja's shoulders..and Raaja gives a rude look back at him!)

Deva: Anne.... Enna anne edhu?

Raaja: Notes

Deva: Yeppadi anne ungalaala mudiyudhu edhu?

Raaja: Thambi.... Isai endral enna?

Yuvan: Basically, .... actually....

Harris: I think ... it is a mixture of....various albums and ....various..

Raaja: Isai enbadhu pala pala vadivangalil varugiradhu..pala pala parimaanam erukkiradhu..

Harris: You mean foreign album and CDs?

Rahman: He means dimensions..

Deva: Eppa puriyudhu anne..

Kamal: Raaja, yeppadi vara pogiradhu endha paadal?

Raaja: Mudhalil, prelude kku Trill vechurukkaen..

Deva: Thrilling aana situation nnu sollave illaya?

Rahman: No.. No... Edhu Trill.. A technique...

Raaja: Idhil "Invertible Counterpoints" upayoga padutha pogiraen

Srikanth Deva: (murmers to Deva) Appa, indha instrument nammalum use pannalaame?

Deva: Idhu varai naan kelvi padalaye !

Yuvan: (murmers to himself) Selvaraghavan'ukku edhu pidikkum nnu ninaikkaraen...Will surprise him with this..

Kamal (turns at Rahman): Rahman, unga plan enna?

Rahman: Well..Infact, I wanted to ask you.. I need 9-10 months for this..

Kamal: No no... You don't need to compose 9-10 albums.. In fact, just 1 song in this album..

Rahman: I know.. adhu dhaan sollaraen... and regarding my look.. do I need to have a hair cut for the album? Does it have appealing visuals?

Harris: This is very insulting.. No access to internet.. No access to foreign albums... What is this? You just dump us in a room and how the hell you expect us to compose music? Hmm...

Yuvan: Adhaan... I agree....I need to go to Thailand..

Kamal: Thailand? Edhaavadhu problem'a inga?

Yuvan: Noaa.. Anga pona dhaan I get music...mood ... you know?? I target youngsters... you know?

Kamal: OkOk...

Kamal turns back at MSV. And MSV is busy with his harmonium..and disappointed with the noise around him he starts playing loudly...

MSV: Shambooooooooooo.. Siva Shamboooooo...

Kamal: Okay.. Situation enna vendral....

Meanwhile, Raaja completes his part, hands over the musical score sheet to Kamal and walks out.


Kavi said...

This was just amazing imagination, very hilarious... Keep it going... What happened next? :)

ramc said...

very interesting. worth sending it to Kumudham or Vikadan for publishing.

Suresh Kumar said...

Damn Hilarious. Great post.

I laughed out loud for Srikanth Deva's line...

Vinith said...

hey Emjay,

This is one of the best posts in your blog. Really a great imagination... Hilarious!!!

Dialogues of each MD in this script reflects the real attitude of every MD. You have analysed it well...
kalakitta ya...

one personal ques,

How long did you take to prepare this script? You followed Raaja's style or Rahman's style... :-)

well done boss!!!

Emjay said...

Woww... When this idea of imagination flashed into my mind, I was really doubtful how well it would end up with.. to be honest.

Last 4 days had real work pressure and hence couldn't post anything. So, thought of bringing some humor to chill out.

Thanks for your comments. Feels great.


Ofcourse, Raaja's style.. Thought for some 10-15 minutes while driving and wrote for some 10 minutes.

kanna said...

Kalakkiteengga Emjay! Especially Harris' lines, absolutely classic.

"Harris: This is very insulting.. No access to internet.. No access to foreign albums... What is this?"

Namma D.Imman-aiyum konjam kaalai vaari vitturuntha nalla irunthirukum :)

Vinith said...

so, jus 30 mins u prepared this script? Great Emjay!!!

Keep posting such humorous posts!!!


Heard dhanam songs? Check out my review :-)

முருகேஷ் said...

But Raaja finishes his score even before Kamal tells the situation !?!

Vignesh said...

Awesome post Emjay. Had me ROTFL