Sunday, March 1, 2009

Well said

I was listening to Sakkarakatti - Marudhaani song and recollected what my wife once remarked to me -

"Even in the melodious numbers of Rahman, you can find an underlying foot tapping rhythm..
And even in the fast foot tapping number of Raaja, you can find an underlying melody.."

I can't agree more.


Vinith said...

Hey Emjay,

Even tho the foot-tapping rhythm adds a good flavor to that music, the main melody is disturbed.

Not only Marudhani, listen to Munbe Va song. The same type of drum beats are used in the background. Even though I've no complaints about the beats in these songs, i should accept that this is not way a soothing melody should be. IR is king in this area ;)

Anonymous said...

Eppadi Emjay...Ukkanthu Yosipeengala to say like this..:-)

Palanu said...

I didn't get your point sir. Could you explain that again for me ??

Palanu said...

i didn't get your points sir.
So can i ask you to spell out this post once again ?