Saturday, March 21, 2009

Raaga Corner

Right from the days when I had no idea of what a Raaga meant, I was somehow interested in knowing the similarities between the songs and that led me to know more about Raaga. I visit ilayaragam site at least twice in a week as a ready reckoner for knowing Raagas for my favorite numbers.

I salute the work that went behind that webpage, a wealth of information :)

But, I have always wanted to enhance and develop a more easy way to query this data and as a first step, I have developed a simple graphical user interface to select a scale from the keyboard and query for a raaga and know the songs in the particular raaga. This is just a first step and I intend to improve the database as days go by.

I hope this will be useful for all music lovers, at some point :)

Your feedback to improve and enhance is very much appreciated :)


Ramesh said...

Nice tool. You can also probably play a midi note when you click on a key. That will be really useful.

Naani said...

oh..thats quite useful

Emjay said...

Thanks Naani.

Ramesh - Thanks for the suggestion. It is definitely on my radar. Just need to get time to finish it :)