Friday, March 27, 2009

Sangathil Paadatha Kavithai

Another excellent song butchered while picturizing :(


Saravan said...

My friend had a audio cd of Raja's live performance. It had instrumental version of this song. I got hooked to the music when I heard it for the first time. At that time, I didn't know which song or movie this instrumental was taken from. I was searching for song and movie of the instrumental for more than a year. Last year I learned about this song in a blog. Raja has used the same tune for songs in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. I liked the Telugu version than others.

Following blog post has more info,

Anonymous said...

Song Picturisation is an art not comes to everyone.Even the biggies KB,Bharathiraja(Two sunflowers touching each other,clapping hands LOL) limps a lot while picturising the Raja's Classics.Other than Maniratnam no body is comfortable with song picturisation in Tamil Cinema(To some extent Bala and balumahendra since their movies wont have much duets or any usual songs they had a great escape unlike bhrathiraja and KB)

Almost 80% of Raja's songs are strangled to the core in picturisation.Its better to enjoy the songs in audio...accidentally if u had seen the picturisation,there might be a chance in hating the song there after...:-)

Naani said...

Can you please tell which telugu song this is?

Saravan said...

It is Akasam Enatido song from the movie Nireekshana.


ஆயில்யன் said...

இன்னைக்கும் இந்த பாட்டு மலையாளத்துல ஹிட் :)))

அதிகம் கேட்டது மலையாள பாடல்தான்!


Emjay said...

Hi All -

Thanks for everyone's comments.

In fact, I have heard this song in at least 5 forms -

Sangathil (Tamil)
Aakasham Enai
Malayalam (Janaki - Thumbe Va)
Some Hindi version
Instrumental (in recent Raaja's live shows)

Instrumental version rocks!!

Bottle Manoj said...

Tamil - 2 versions
Sangathil Paadatha kavithai
Neer veezhchi thee mootudhae

Malayalam - 1 version
Thumbi vaa

Telugu - 1 version
Aakasham Enatidho

Hindi - 1 version
Monday tho

In addition to the above versions there are 2 instrumental versions

I got this information from the following URL.

This is a comment from mr.Kalaivann in videospathy..Thanks to him..I got all the versions of the song from the specified URL..

Praveen said...

add "Gumm Summ Gumm" from 'Paa' to this list..with some splendid Jazzy arrangements...this is what you call evergreen...

Karthigeyan said...

Always mastro is the one of the best...........

Is there any Kannada version for this tune....

Recently he again used this tune for the hindi movie 'PAA' - Gumm Summ Gumm......

Arockia Vimal said...

Auto Raja Sangathil Paadatha Tamil
Olangal Thumbi Vaa Malayalam
Nireekshana Aakasam Yenatido Telugu
Paa Gumm Summ Gumm Hindi