Saturday, January 10, 2009

Naan Kadavul Music - My Experience

Either we build temple for Dhoni or greet the team with shoes and slippers in the airport. Can't we ever take a balanced view? The media has made so much hype about "Bala" and his direction that I wonder if I belong to another planet. Make no mistake. He has directed movies that were very different from other run-of-the-mill kinds and he stood out. I like Bala's movies as much as I like Cheran's. But, the kind of hype and hysteria that media generates for the movie that has been in production for over 3 years might do little to actually help the movie, I think.

Further, everyone at the music album release function talked about all the nonsense in the world than the topic of the function - the music (With one or two exceptions). No wonder, why Raaja doesn't attend these music album functions.

My first experiences/reaction of "Naan Kadavul" album that was released a few days back:

Two decades back, when S.Janaki was singing in the recording studio, suddenly all the violinists stopped playing the notes for a moment and were speechless and stunned. Apparently, Illayaraja came out of the recording room to find out what happened and he noticed that the artists were stunned by the crystal clear divine rendering of "Maadha Un Kovilil" by S.Janaki that featured in the film "Achaani". If you have heard "Maadha Un Kovilil" rendered by S.Janaki in the movie Achaani, you would be better off to skip "Amma Un Pillai" song in Naan Kadavul. If you haven't heard S.Janaki's version and you have heard "Amma Un Pillai" already, then, you should be fine. I don't have words to describe this song, truly. Vintage Raaja!

"Kannil Oru Paarvai" and "Oru Kaatril" are two songs in the same tune, sung by Shreya and Illayaraja. This man has mastered the art of piercing your heart with his music leaving a mark that conveys the mood and emotion that he intended too. This song precisely does that. Leaves a feel that cannot be explained and you wouldn't mind to put this song on a loop to be in the same state of mind like a drug addict!!

"Bikshai Pathiram" song from "Ramanamaalai" album has been reused with a difference of Madhu Balakrishnan's voice in place of Illayaraja. Very happy to see Illayaraja and Vidyasagar using Madhu Balakrishnan in their songs in a place where diction of words have become a mockery. I am sure, Bala must have picturized this song aptly to suit the theme of the movie.

Finally, last but not the least - "Om Sivoham". A music director for a movie has an important responsibility of giving what is needed for the movie and if you are directing "Sakalakalavallavan", you get "Nethu Raathiri Yamma" and if you are making a subject like "Naan Kadavul", you get "Om Sivoham".

The orchestration, usage of authentic instruments, lyrics and rendering by Vijay Prakash added up so well and I am sure Bala must be pleased to have got what he deserved from Raaja and so am I.

Only "kurai" - I wish we could have got 2 more gems in place of the "reused" gems, as I have those "reused" gems already in my locker :)


Vinith said...

completely agree with the last line. I do feel the same...
However, this is a complete album that pierces the heart of the listeners... wow.... what an experience...

Read my experience?

Madurai citizen said...

I am sure, Bala must have picturized these songs aptly to suit the theme of the movie...........

Jai Sai Ram

Emjay said...

The expectation is running high and more and more I hear the songs, it is growing on me, as predictable.