Friday, October 17, 2008

Unborn Babies

Whenever I hear "Putham Puthu Poo Poothatho" from Thalapathi, I wonder how Mani Ratnam missed to pictuarize this song in the movie. It must definitely have been a tough choice for him to exclude one among all gems.

But, still, I would have traded-in a fight sequence for this song. Melting melody and no wonder Illayaraja recycled the same song as "Pirayae Pirayae" in Pithamagan.
I can think of some songs that never featured similarly -

1) "Aadi Pattam Thedi Chennal Vedha Pottu" - Michael Madana Kama Rajan"

2) Ammava Naan Kaala Thottu Kumbudanum" - Apoorva Sagodharargal"

3) Annalakshmi Kanna asacha" - Virumaandi

4) "Nethiyile Pottu Veyyu" - Virumaandi

5) "Kodi Yethi Veipom" - Pithamagan

I am sure there are many more! Would love to hear back from my blog readers!


Random Thoughts said...

There were many songs of IR like that
1) Un nenja thottu from Rajadhi Raja (extremely touching song)
2) Thuvakkam inge from Mahanadhi (the BGM comes throughout the movie)
3) Putham pudhu poo from Dhalapathi
4) Pattu poo poo from Veera

More at

Random Thoughts said...

1) Vikram - sippikul oru muthu malarndhadu nu oru songg.
2) Alaigal Oivadhillai - Putham pudhu kalai song

Suresh Kumar said...

the main melody of 'Putham puthu poo' plays in its entirety when Rajini brings Banupriya home after marriage...

suresh said...

why dont u upload that song emjay?

Emjay said...

Hello "Random Thoughts" -

I didn't realize that "Un Nenja Thottu Sollu" doesn't appear in Rajaadhi Raja. It is a wonderful song, though!

And even "Sippikul Muthu Malarndhadhu" is a good song.. sung by KJY, I guess.

Madhu said...

Hi..Un Nenja thottu sollu song is in Raajaadhi Raja only...

And here anothr song from Manickam

.. Sandhanam Thechaachu En mama

Emjay said...

Welcome Madhu.

Yes, I remember that Karthik Raja's song.. An underrated composer!

pearlmaharajan said...

I too really wonder... how often directors are leaving songs which are really going to be great all time hit.. though its not in the movie...

I really wanna take vengeance @ mysskin... for not including all the songs of nandhalaalaa...