Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Illayaraja Photos

Several folks have sent me emails regarding the photographs of Illayaraja. I have zipped all of them and please click here to download in the zip format.

Courtesy: Ilaiyaraja Yahoo Group, Raajangahm


suresh said...

hi emjay

some of us cannot able to view raja photos in rar format..
can u please attach file in some other format.
we r eager to see that photos......

Emjay said...

Hi Suresh -

Actually, I have posted in the zip format.

If you try to access the following URL, you should be able to save the file in zip format and unzip using a WinZip tool. Please let me know, if it doesn't work.

Mahesh said...

Thanks a Lot EMjay..But Chinna Peraasai...I Wish Raja Picture Must be in Jumbo Size..Its My WIsh to Laminate and Isaignani should decorate in all Raja Fans Hall.

New kenny on de block ;) said...

Thank you boss!

I am afraid you have not made it onto my blog recently. I did tag you for a blog game, which is all about Raaja sir, initiated by Vicky sir. Ain't insisting you, it is really good, though. Have a good one!


~~Raaja rules!