Sunday, September 28, 2008

Illayaraja Special

Couple of months back, I wrote a poem on Illayaraja:

Immediately, my father-in-law jumped to compose a tune for the lyrics and he sung himself. Already my father-in-law spoke with Mr.Gangai Amaran and Gangai Amaran was very impressed with the song and has promised to take us to Illayaraja when I go to India. I can't wait for the D-Day!!

Meanwhile, my wife gave an idea of compiling Raaja's pictures with this background as a Video. And here you go:


naarayanan said...

hi, that was nice. very spontaneous, i think when i hear it.

முருகேஷ் said...

Wow !! You are going to meet Raja ! I envy you.

I can't view the video as I'm in office right now. Will see it once I'm home.

முருகேஷ் said...

Your father-in-law's voice is very young. Photo compilation is also very good.

suresh said...

nice .....
thank u for considering me emjay
the lyrics backgrounding when raaja, bharathiraja and vairamuthu"s picture was running is....... its.. its.. nice.

one thing emjay
do u have the video of ilayaraaja's carnatic kacheri??
if u had that please post soon.
we are waiting eagerly for that
thanks and bye emjay

Emjay said...

Suresh -

Thank you. I only had that picture of Raaja doing carnatic Kutcheri. Unfortunately, I don't have anything more than that :(


Vinith said...

Hey Emjay!!!

Very good composition Man.

Another great news is that you gonna meet this legend. Very good news dude. I wish D-Day comes soon in your life and I look forward to see those photos in your blog. You rock man!!!

Vinith said...

hey emjay
heard this news?
Rajaa is setting tunes for 4000 divya prabandham :)

Emjay said...

Suresh -

Thanks for your comments.

I don't have the video of Illayaraja's Kutcheri.. I actually got this picture from Yahoo Groups.


Emjay said...

Thanks Narayanan for your compliments.

Sudhakar Govindarajan said...

Well composed and sung for a beautiful poem. I'm sure Raja will love it.