Monday, November 15, 2010

Vaali's 80th Birthday

No wonder, why this man is called "காலம் கடந்த கவிஞர்". The same gentleman who wrote "அத்தை மடி மெத்தை" has been able to cater this generation with "அதிரடி காரன் மச்சான்". For the past 47 years, our poet has been penning lyrics for several hundred movies.

As Illayaraja has mentioned in several interviews and shows, simplicity and the ability to connect with public with his unobfuscated lyrics has been Vaali's strength. In my mind, Vaali is like a Super Factory that will give you anything you want. If you are Pavithran, you extract "சமஞ்சது எப்படி" and if you are Kamal Hassan, you extract the National Award winning lyrics - "உன்ன நெனச்சேன் பாட்டு படிச்சேன்". As a consumer, you better know what you want and don't blame the shopkeeper for selling what you had asked!


Anonymous said...

Good Intro - Thanks :)

Did Vaali win National award for 'உன்ன நினைச்சேன்’? (or for that matter any other song?) To my knowledge he has no national wards to his credit!

- N. Chokkan,

Emjay said...

Hi Chokkan -

"Unna Nenachaen" song fetched National Award for S.P.B.