Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jai Ho World Tour at Detroit - I

Jai Ho fever was picking up or at least the trailers in every Indian movie I watched during May-June at Detroit gave a huge precursor. Though not an ardent fan of ARR's music, I wasn't musically retarded to ignore the partial fun that I was sure to have. Point of Sale is the place where we make most of our shopping choices :) Yes, I decided to buy the ticket instantly while I was gazing at the poster at the checkout counter in one of the Indian groceries out here. I was surprised to know that they sold out all the $50 tickets a month prior to the event. I wasn't giving up. Decided to swipe my card for the next available shot at $75, though my mind was already processing the wisdom of my decision. To my next surprise, the sales counter person refused to accept anything but cash. Wow! That didn't sound straight at all. Again, music sense prevailed over and I quickly handed over the usually-rare-to-have cash from my wallet.

The D day arrived and I decided to go with one of my friend. We were half way towards the venue to only hear that the stage collapsed and the show was cancelled. I was very disappointed like thousands of the audience and we still went to the venue to be certain. I had a planned tour to India in Aug-Sep and I kept my fingers crossed till the new date for the event was announced. I was quite lucky to return back a week before the new date on 25th September.

This time, we went at least 1 hour in advance and after the security screening we were let in. I was seated on 26th row and was constantly looking at the crowd size. As you would expect, the show started at the Indian Standard Time - around 8:30 PM as opposed to the announced 8:00 PM. Huge thunder of drums and techno laser lights on a well-architected stage was followed by the appearance of A.R.Rahman in the most stylish, but though unusual that he has ever appeared. Being a very reserved and soft spoken, it was quite a surprise to see him appearing in a costume that has been custom designed and asked to pose like Micheal Jackson.

The pose was followed by O Sana...

Stay tuned for the next half.

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