Sunday, August 30, 2009

Azhagaay Pookkuthey

My latest crush:

Fell for it from the first hearing. Though the pallavi reminds me of a Raaja's song, overall the song is well composed and a wonderful melody! Can someone guess, which song I am referring to?


Suresh Kumar said...

Vijay Antony though popular for his fast paced numbers, is very good at composing such simple melodies, heard 'Aval appadi ondrum' from Angaadi theru??

ravinat said...

To me, pallavi sounds like a recent Kannada song of Raja, Mudhalane from Nannavanu.

Lots of the charanam are remind me of the same song.

Sowmya said...

roja poonthottam ?

Emjay said...

Hi RaviNat - I haven't heard the song you have mentioned. So, I am not sure..

Hi Sowmya - Some reason, the pallavi looks very very close to "Oru Uravu Thudikkudhu" from the movie "Krishnan Vandhaan"..

drashkum said...

it is based on ragam -keeravaani, a classical raga used by IR many times like

unnai ninaichen (apUrva sgaotharargal)
ennuLE ennuLE (valli)
malayoram veesum katru (PAdu nilAvE)
Katril endhan geetham (Johny)
Keeravani...kanavile.. (Padum Paravaigal)
Nenjukulle innarunu sonnal theriyuma ( ponnumani)

drashkum said...

this song and beat sounds just like theendi theendi theeyai mootugiraye from bala

Praveen said...

which again (Theendi Theendi) is a remix(?!) of Raaja's Rim Jhim from Mahadev

sridhar said...

it's a very good song. i also immediately liked it. as Emjay quoted, it is closer to oru uravu. but i dont think he intentionally copied or inspired any of the above mentioned songs. the fact is, any musician who wants to deliver the emotion will definitely have to touch raaja's one of the songs.