Monday, May 25, 2009

Illayaraja during Valmiki Audio Release

Illayaraja, who is usually hard to see in the audio release functions, was unusually present during the audio release of the movie "Valmiki". Most of the audio release functions that I have watched makes me feel that the actual hero of the function (music director & lyricist) seems out of place and the function ends up flattering the hero of the movie and director.

Nevertheless, Raaja being outspoken ends up in one or other controversy. Here is Raaja's speech during audio release function of the movie "Valmiki".


முருகேஷ் said...

I'm wondering why music directors, directors, lyricists are not sharing their experience, funny moments during song composing/recording in the audio release function.

It's boring to hear praises about the producer and director in every function.

Anonymous said...

Why no frequent updates & also no analysis of his songs or BGM :-( ?

KUMAR said...

Happy Birthday to the Maestro !

Emjay said...

Hi Kumar - Good one..

Inoruvan - I really wish I could be consistent in my blog posts..Was in India for a month long vacation and once I was back to work, caught up with backlog.. Will get back soon :)